Textile Art - Jill Dian Izzard - Textile Artist

From abstract through to traditional - colourful and sometimes embellished textile art

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   I was taught to stitch by my mother when just five years old, since then I've been fascinated with/by cloth and thread and all that can be achieved by working with them.

I gained distinctions in Creative Textiles as a mature student at The London College of Fashion. Since retiring from The University of Hertfordshire I continue to enjoy creating textile artworks.  Over many years I have been a member of  several art-related groups in London,  Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire   and on-line.

In September 2014 I collected my degree at The Barbican  - BA (Hons) in Humanities with Art History and  Advanced Creative Writing.

'Textiles' has a rich history throughout human culture from everyday simple clothes and household linens to richly embroidered ceremonial, religious garments, nomadic felt tents, rugs and elaborately woven carpets.  I am inspired by the historical research of  textiles and find there is endless creativity and skill within traditional techniques and the arts of other cultures to provide stimulus for my own artwork. I enjoy Paul Klee's art, this too might prompt an idea; or even the pattern within a migraine aura!

Techniques used to create my textile artworks are varied; weaving, felt making, stitching, beading, cording, smocking, pleating, rug making, and more! I choose to work in 'textiles' because, for me, it provides a flexibility of expression. Together with painting, printing, rug hooking and embroidery I create an image needed to portray a message within my work. Other day-to-day messages are portrayed within my Haiku poetry page.

. Messages IV   - woven in sari silk with added beading.     









































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