Vintage Vintage Audrey and co These cushions were made for Andie and Andy. Printed heavywight cotton with images of past film stars... 150978514 Vintage Victorian Needlecase Padded needlecase...cotton with lace, beads and buttons and wool pages inside for needles. 174703472 Vintage Cushion (detail) Vintage buttons stitched to appliqued cotton flowers... 148916899 detail This illustrates the detail of vintage printed cottons which have been cut and appliqued onto a cotton/linen backing with ric-rac and polka dot cotton added. 148916900 a glimpse... A glimpse of another cushion cover - just needs the interior pillow inserted. 148916901 Vintage Love Heart Made with love.... 149014190 Reverse side The reverse of of cushion - with opening. 148930179 detail: Vintage Love heart Linen, Japanese waxed cloth, cotton and embellishments. 149014365 Three Love Hearts Calico and Linen 149107809 G's Love heart Calico, linen and lace... 149107810 Scottie Love heart Cotton 149107811 Cherries Love Heart with cherries 150034954 Through the Window Love heart printed cotton, ric rac and vintage buttons... 149107812 Georgina's Love heart 150034955 Cupcake Love heart Printed Cotton 149107813 Scottie Dog Love heart with vintage buttons (1930's) 150034956 Turquoise Scottie Dog Love heart I gave this to Rosemary and Barrie - who became engaged recently. Congratulations! 150034957 Vintage in a CD Case beautiful printed linen and appliqued pieces 179731099 A Vintage Panel 8" x 8 " completely handstitched - lenen and cotton. 179731100 CD Textile Art Hand stitched vintage inspired piece of work for a Charity Auction... 179731101 Vintage Casket its on its way... 179846103 snippets ...of lace and fabric... 179846104 detail Forget me not made from vintage lace and other old items.... 198133941 embellished with vintage embroidered scraps and buttons.... 179846105 Vintage Casket handstitched scraps of lace, crochet and vintage linen 180083938 Vintage Casket lace motifs and scraps of vintage linen and ribbon used in the making of this casket. 180083939 Vintage Casket handstitched panels machine stitched into place to form a casket. 180083940 Vintage Tokens ..for inclusion in an exhibition May 14 - Ilminster, Somerset...details to follow later... 184928447 Vintage Lace and Ladies On the front panel I have quilted the 1930's women....then added vintage lace around the outside... 180414429 Vintage tote be offered to someone from my Love to Stitch page via Facebook... 185795569 Silk Georgette I found this beautiful silk beaded waiscoat and the Insertion Stitched collar on the EG Sales Table - they are delicate but so lovely add to my collection of vintage items... 186028135 detail of Forget me not panel for Penny-Sue 198133939 Forget me Not 198133940 Mandy's Piece assembled from paper, fabric and embellished with stitch and oddments... 200813748 Mandy Hope she likes this panel I made for her.... 200813749 detail A small detail of a panel made for Mandy who loves ballet.... 200813750 Embelishments... 200813751 cut out letters... added to Mandy's Panel... 200813752