Mysterious Woman Mysterious Woman Mysterious Woman now ready to hang - after two years! 195734870 a corner stitched sun... 195735673 detail of Mysterious Woman 195735757 more detail 195735758 top section of 'Mysterious Woman' wall hanging 195735759 top right 195735760 tree the stitched tree outlines in white remind me of our beautiful Robinia Tree which died during summer 2012... 195735761 here she is Can you see her? I was just stitching scraps of fabric in a random fashion when I suddenly saw the shape of a woman emerge....she is standing to the right of the window.... 195735762 Robinia here I've stitched some beautiful scraps of antique Japanese fabrics which my friend Clare gave me... 195735763 scraps of an old cotton dress, scraps of a soft scarf and an old curtain! 195735764 very old this beautiful piece of Tape Lace is over one hundred years old...the random stitching in white compliments it. 195735765