Blanket Books Blanket Books Page two Vintage snippets of hand dyed lace and other embellishment make up these pages.... 196772263 antoher page buttons and other ephemera created a page or two... 196772264 shades of yellow still keeping to shades of lemon, yellow and orange another page is created.... 196772265 ...and another page.... 196772266 The a bag from a beautiful vintage handkerchief case I added bits of braid and buttons and made a pocket for another smaller blanket book... 196772267 Bag A vintage Tray cloth was transformed into a huge tote in which to carry the now very heavy Primrose Book! 196772268 Stuffed Bag Pure wool Primrose book enclosed in its own cotton bag.... 196772269 Book and Bag 196772270 196772271 a tiny book this tiny book is full of photos from my childhood 196772272 tiny book oc photos 196772273 childnood photos 196772274 Pocket stitched from a vintage handkerchief pouch... with my friend Sian gave me... 196772275 the first bage in the huge book vintage mats and woolfelt help create the first page.... 196772276 ..and so it goes... ..on and on... 196772277