Cotton Brooches Cotton Brooches Brooch with beads and a button bee Beads and a bee.... 199098183 The beginning.. ..of a session where I made over thirty small cotton brooches... 199098184 Primrose Project These were made for my Primrose project.... most have been either given away as gifts plus three sold. 199098185 the beginning of a collection different techniques and embelishments 199098186 tiny pockets too all in cotton scraps 199098187 Vintage brooches made from vintage cotton 199098188 A Pocket from which a flower grows 199104187 Blue soft fabric and vintage crochet 199104188 Swallow A metal bird on Liberty fabric - now sold to Lise in Denmark.... 199104189 Pink surrounded by Blue fabric a key hangs from the brooch 199104190 a purse with a flap the purse contains a message... all stitched to a vintage style fabric background - to be sent to Clare. 199104191 Gingham blue gingham embellished with stitch and a teeny safety pin 199104192 Bow A bow and heart adorns this Liberty print brooch 199104193 Liberty print Softest Liberty Lawn with Button and Bow 199104194 Colourful colourful Liberty cotton lawn with an antique piece of lace... 199104195 Printed Key ..and a tiny metal key makes this brooch special 199104196 Blue and Liberty print with added stitching.... and a unique pin. 199104197 Hanging bird and key etc trinkets hang from this small brooch... 199104198 My favourite A Rose with a bow and beautiful vintage button - to be sent to my friend. 199104199 Liberty Lawn with antique lace... 199104200 Metal Bird on calico and Liberty lawn cotton 199104201 Humpty Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland Liberty fabric with a metal clock... 199104202 Brass Key to unlock the heart... 199104203 Bee A Button in the shape of a Bee has been stitched to this beaded brooch 199104204 Pink A pink butterfly - beads - and stitch 199104205 Blues Liberty printed fabric in shades of blue 199104206 Lace and Key with a printed shoe - all stitched to form a brooch 199104207 Vibrant Red/Cerise ...and lace and Liberty fabric.... with an added silk flower 199104208 Alice in Wonderland A brooch with an Alice in Wonderland theme 199104209 Lamp A printed Lampshade and stand from 1930's makes this brooch j special 199104210 blue lace surround by vintage blue fabric and embellishment 199104211 Ballerina A beautiful brass ballerina adorns this brooch - she spins above a printed house... 199104212 pink and blue A Pink and blue brooch with a beautiful ceramic button 199104213 Shoes A shoe print on calico surrounded by soft Liberty fabric plus a bow and teeny kilt pin... To be sent to my friend very soon... 199104214 more blues Blue Liberty fabric on soft blue calico with a metal bird swinging on a hanger.... 199104215 Patchwork a selection of fabrics patched together to form a brooch plus Kantha stitching and embellisments... 199104216 Antique Lace a scrap of antique lace set on top of soft Liberty fabric. 199104217 Car An old vintage car print on calico with a soft cotton surround in pink plus a patch and button - this has been snapped up this evening! July 20th 2015 199104218 Bird Swings A bird swings on a hanger with added bead and set on stitched layers of fabric 199104219 Tea Time A teeny ceramic teapot rests on a lace mat - I love this brooch... now sold to Lise in Denmark :) 199104220 Bird Buttons and bird on calico and soft blue fabric... 199104221 Keys Printed keys with a tiny pocket added - inside the pocket is a message.... 199104222