Textile Art - Jill Dian Izzard - Textile Artist

From abstract through to traditional - colourful and sometimes embellished textile art

Haiku Poems                                                                            copyright   Jill Dian Izzard   

JULY 2023

Backstitch or any stitch

It's World Embroidery Day

Rejoice and Stitch :)


One year since freedom

From The Virus means movement

Into Our World again!


Freedom - almost here

Busy roads - people everywhere

But The Virus lurks........

March 1st 2021

Lockdown is a pain

Even with Astra Zeneca

Oh when will it end?

July 2020

A Pandemic here

All in Lockdown and so quiet

Yet now so noisy.... why?

May 2019

A long pause, no words

Grief and sadness took over

Now mending slowly....

December 2017

Quietness reigns

Sounds of Christmas dissipated...

Now so peaceful.

September 2017

Now Autumn begins

Sunshine, showers and storms

September is here

1st  November 2016

Darkening days

November  arrives with joy

and many changes....

18 July  2016 

What happened? No  Haiku

In April, May  or June.... so busy  

I need to reflect!



6 March 2016


Mothers everywhere

Dedicate their lives  to children

With love and kindness....




January 28th 2016 

Satisfying day

Lots of love, laughter and chat

At the Barbican.... 


December 21st 2015

Trees are now at rest

Leaves fallen and disappeared

It's winter solstice.... 



 November 2015

Boughs bend heavily

towards the dank, dark soil

waiting for Winter solstice...



October fled past

No time to stop and stare

Now settling in... 



5th September  2015 

September arrives

Birds flit from branch to branch confused

It feels like winter! 


24 August  2015

A home is place

where one can relax, at peace

Wherever it may be.... 


 August 2015

Challenges and change 

As summer quietly moves on

and birds quieten


Humidity gone

Cool breeze with blue skies ahead

Hot summer is here....

3 July 2015


June weather was mixed

Blue skies, sun and rain for all

July will be hot! 



Garden saturated

rain continues to water

plants - so needy....

29 May 2015 




May lingers on...

Perfumed petals permeate

Lush green foliage....

18 May 2015 


Still, peaceful and calm

Time to think about stitching

White on white on white....

 21 April 2015 



Easter has flown...

Red Kites above swoop and swirl

Watching and waiting...

 April 2015 



Mad March emerges

with a vengeance for change

Coping well so far....

7 March 2015



February frost

Feels and looks so feathery

Fun-filled month ahead....

 2 February  2015





More frantic activity

Gently decreasing....

24 January 2015 


December disappeared

in frantic activity

Restless time....



November changes

Misty mornings and sunshine


November 8th 2014



Such resourcefulness

Courage and understanding

by those who suffer

31 October 2014 


Gonzalo gusts

Lift and swirl all in its wake

Then suddenly sleeps...

21 October 2014



Mid-October sun

joins the cool freshening breeze

lifts decaying leaves...

19 October 2014


Early September

Yet trees are turning gold  already

A sign maybe...



 as I tidy my workroom I must remember this Chinese Wisdom: - 5 Sept 2014

'He that piles up treasure has much to lose'




31 August 2014

Fall, falling leaves

Twisting, twirling on the breeze

and the frail leave us....


14 July 2014

Two-One, nice surprise

Books returned to the book case

Stitching in earnest....



1st July  2014

Warm sun and soft rain

 change means happiness reigns 

as life travels forward...


June disappeared

in a flurry of moments

Now it is July!


9 May 2014

'tis May, 'tis May, 'tis

the merry, merry month of May

Goodbye Crivelli!



 25 April 2014

Cappuccino and croissant

Lady in long raincoat hides

 behind newspaper


23April 2014 

Silk, velvet and beads

Renaissance garments and copes



10th March 2014

 March moves miracles

Understanding its way

Proforma is sent


26 February 2014 

 Brilliant sparkling sun

Bulbs pushing through the soil

snowdrops and crocus

16 February 2014 

wall to wall sunshine

follows the force of the storm

which left floods so deep.... 


 Dawn - rises slowly

Rosy fingers reaching out

to touch a new day

3 February - A Skipton Dawn


 20 January 2014

A London Letter

Unopened - now wondering

What will it reveal?


19 January 2014

Heads lowered, fingers swipe

a screen to the Worldwide Web

I wait, I wait...wait...


5 January 2014

Five thousand words

If I type one the rest follow

So I tell myself! 



30 December 2013

 Renaissance Art Calls

Devonshire Hunting Tapestry

A V&A Visit....


 12 December 2013

Still, peaceful, quiet.

Misty days  with swirling fog

Darkest December.



 21 November 2013

Renaissance Man sent

into the outer ether

to resume later....


November - Philippine Islands

Destroyed, nothing left

 swirling storm, typhoon gathers speed

nothing left...destroyed.


4 November 2013

Changing colours 

 Misty mornings whilst cobwebs

Sparkle like jewels....


 1 October 2013

October rushes in

with messages loud and clear

Holding on to life...


 18 September 2013

Sea of white bobs...

Shades of lavender and  mauve

Coffee, cake and chat

(Cross Street Cafe)


16 September 2013

Changes...Autumn arrives

A cool breeze whips up the leaves

Ever changing life...


September  glows

Sultry, humid and still

Lull before the storm.

5 September 2013 


  Warmth of summer breeze

cools and caresses the mind

as shadows lengthen.

 end of August 2013


releasing memories

brings comfort and  solitude

as each day passes.

29 August 2013


Violets, verdant leaves

Perfume of purple petals

Roots travel so deep!

14 August 2013




 Quickening flame

quivers; I see her smiling face...

in the  flickering

1 August 2013



window frames rattle

pounding of bouncing hailstones

as they hit the ground

29 July 2013


Golden globe shines

down upon the earth so brown

Parched, cracked, dry.....


Whispering winds

Blistering heat from the sun

Summer has arrived...

July 2013


Fading, lack lustre

Midsummr has disappeared

supporting branches....

June 26 2012



A 'life interlude'

Giving time to contemplate

and stitch life's riches....

Midsummer Day June 2013 



Loss,  lost...now gone

befriended everyone

no one at the end...  

(in memory of Jean Stewart who passed away today 28 Mary 2013))



21 May 2013

The sound of silence

Solitude brings peace and calm

as sun and moon pass. 


 Calming Clove Oil

Mid May brings pain and anguish

Meditation - peace...


15 May 2013

Daytime and night time  

Wondering when it will pass





1 May 2013

May Day, May Day, call

One thing after another

Time to breathe easy....


27 April 2013

Yet more 'iffy days'

Head pain plus other attributes

now dissipating....



19 April 2013

It's that time of year

End of Module Assignment




7 April 2013 

 Sun arrives late

Soil begins to warm - bulbs sprout

Spring flowers bloom....

28 March 2013 

Silver moon  shines

Soon bright splinters of sun pierce

the blue skies of  dawn



 19 March 2013

Lacemaking and Rhyme

Linen, stitching and patience

One, two buckle my shoe...



11March 2013

'Iffy Days' happen

which put my life onto 'hold'

I'll go with the flow... 


8 March 2013 

One hundred and two

Such a wonderful person

We shall not forget



5 March 2013

Splinters of sunshine

Pierce the sky as spring arrives

Snowdrops lift their heads


 28 February 2013

Sun delivers Spring

Hellebores like ivory

stand proud and upright.



19 Feb 2013

Like fire emblazoned

You experience a sunset

Over Goldneedle Way 


14 February 2013

 Hearts - they give us life

To create, to love to live

Look after your heart


13 February 2013

Forever stitching

short, sharp stitches prick the silk

to reveal pattern


18 Jan 2013 

Soft gentle flurries

then miisshapen flakes fall

linen white carpet


 1 Jan 2013

fiery red skies

dissolve into pewter grey

The New Year begins....


Festivities fade

The in-between moments

to reflect and hope 


A gift Haiku from Helen

Robin sits alone

on a bleached bare branch bereft

missing the snowfall. 


19 December 2012 - Seven years since my mother died. Suzanne brought round these flowers today... 



















































  10 December 2012

A month has passed

since your 'Harefield Heart Holiday'

So pleased you're now home


11 November 2012

Still in sedation 

Your family awaits you

Smile again soon Bruv.


6 November 2012

There is only one

A special person - my Bruv

Just 'survive' that Op!



29 October 2012

USA family

Battening down the hatches

Waiting for Sandy!       

 (be safe!)

27 September 2012

Early evening

Shadows reveal sharp shower

and then - a rainbow!


 8 September 2012

The love of stitch binds

together a deep friendship

and inheritance



30 August 2012

Trying to ignore

Dullness, throbbing on right side

bright lights on their way.... 


Blue skies and white cloud

Hang above me as I watch

August passing by...


Birds splash and splatter

In the shallows of the bird bath

Flap their wings to dry


Short slashes of rain

Like rows of Kantha stitching

appear on my window 

- - - - - - - - -

 - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - ----


10 August 2012

Burnt orange skies spread

over chimney, roof and crag

as Skipton sun sets...

photo courtesy of Clare Hutchinson


 9 August 2012

Bamboo revealing

glistening droplets of dew

early this morning

5 August 2012

Solitude, calm

Creativity and peace

Absolute bliss! 


2 August 2012

 Creative Writing

Surprisingly good result

Advanced Module calls....


1  August  2012

Verdant, dripping vines

Twisting, twirling, clothed in moss

Forest of Dean


30 June 2012 

Life was a struggle

She coped well for many years

Now she is resting... 


 19 June 2012

'Paul Scarlet' in bloom

Crimson petals in clusters

from Waverley Road...



                                       Jubilee Weekend

                                       Torrential rain descends

                                       Spirits not dampened! 

                                                     (June 3rd 2012)


                       29  May '12                                

Young crow falls from oak

Skims cars on road and front drive

Four days - still alive!


25 May 2012

Warm sun penetrates

through  the misty morning veil

which lifts and dissolves...

25 May 2012    Sheila sent me the following two Haiku Poems:

A bitter morning

Sparrows sitting together

Without any necks.   (by J W Hackett)

                                                                A dewy Sunrise

                                                               The birds singing and dancing

                                                               On telegraph poles    (by Wm Wyatt)


        22 May 2012                    Blossoms fall, birds call

                                    to spread merriment and joy

                                   to my busy days.

 15 May 2012

I know we need it

This rain is  essential

But not every day!


      13 May 2012

    Final assignment

  Commentary to be typed

  Then relax and chill.


30 April 2012                                        

Saturated soil

           Water table surely full

                   Sparkling warmth appears.    

28 April 2012

 A garden? A jungle!

Lush verdant foliage climbs

Water butt to brim!


16 April 2012:

Minus one, white frost.

Warm sun peeps through the tall spruce.

Long, dusky shadows.

                                         moments later....................................

                                                         Robin's pointed beak

                                                                      reveals worm who fights for life.

                                                                      No hope for the worm.

15 April 2012

Feel rather ''Iffy".

Daughter arrives with iced bun.

A soothing warm glow!


Autumn 2011

Breakfast by window

Chaffinch, blue tit and pert wren

Seek seeds beneath shrubs.

                                                                                   March 2012

                                                                     Camellia glows

                                                                     As burst of crimson petals

                                                                    Through layers unfurl.

March 2012

Chairs now unfolded

Table erected on stones

Yay! Meals al fresco!


                                                                                          Autumn 2011

                                                                               Curdled clouds gather

                                                                   Creating cream haze at dawn

                                                                   Collecting cobwebs

 Shades of Autumn Fall

On soft scented soil they swirl

Await white blanket

                                                Oak tree, burnished gold

                                               Sheds leaves like golden rain drops;

                                               Settle  on warm   earth.    


                                        Glass pane reveals

                                        Golden leaves

                                        Fall in profusion                                                                          


Migraine yet again

Such a waste of days and nights

When will it all end?


December 2011                                                            Darkest days delay

                                               White shoots beneath the dark soil

                                              Push through  warmer days

now January 2012

Crescent moon  splinters

Crisp January night sky

Venus lies beneath


                                                                          Poetry  assignment bare

                                                                          Back on track next week! 

 Spring 2012

Hydrangea heads

Seed pods from Achillea

Gourmet lunch for birds

                                                                  In two-thousand and twelve

                                                                 February is longer

                                                                We have a Leap year! 


Snowdrops hang their heads

 Whilst daffodils and  tulips

Push through the warm soil.


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